School integration for children with ASD in Tunisia

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder. Autistic children are included in the group of children with special needs who hold a mental disability card and enjoy the right to education guaranteed by the Tunisian Ministry of Education under the appropriate conditions while respecting the foundations of educational programs through the process of school […]

Professional integration for children with ASD in Tunisia

Doing things with everybody and like everybody else when you’re autistic? It is possible! While autism implies certain difficulties that must be taken into account, its particular features are also an asset for certain activities. We favor the integration of people with autism into society, work, creation, sport… because it benefits us all. The following […]

School Integration for the younger than 9 years old in Tunisia

How to prepare a school integration file? The guardian prepares a complete file for school integration to be deposited at the control office in the regional administration of education, consisting mainly of: A request for school integration A medical certificate from a psychiatrist announcing a diagnosis of the disorder A mental disability ID card issued […]