What is neurodevelopmental screening?

The developmental screening takes a closer look at how your child is developing. Your child will get a brief test, or you will complete a questionnaire about your child. The tools used for developmental and behavioral screening are formal questionnaires or checklists based on research that ask questions about a child’s development, including language, movement, thinking, behavior, and emotions. Developmental screening can be done by a doctor or nurse and other professionals in healthcare, early childhood education, community, or school settings.

Developmental screening is more formal than developmental monitoring and is normally done less often. Your child should be screened if you or your doctor have a concern. However, developmental screening is a regular part of some of the well-child visits for all children even if there is not a known concern.

Available screening tests

The followings are the currently available online neurodevelopmental screening tests, more tests are planned to be integrated in the future.