Why Is Autism Increasing Dramatically?

Let us start by reiterating some facts about autism. Multiple large-scale studies have established, with adequate proof, that vaccines do not cause autism. Autism does not develop due to bad parenting choices. Autistic spectrum disorders are not contagious. Although the number of children diagnosed with autism has steadily increased over the last few years, this is not because more children develop autism now than […]

The 3 Levels of Autism Explained

Autism is a diagnosis that often carries a certain connotation. Those who are unfamiliar with the nuances of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may assume that all children on the spectrum participate in repetitive behaviors, don’t make eye contact, and are largely non-verbal. While these signs can certainly be present, there are many children who fall within the […]

The Positives of Autism

Autism is often defined and described in terms of deficits. This happens in order to determine what supports are needed, for program design and implementation, and the level of funding; but always talking about what a person can’t do or do as well as their peers can be demoralizing. Improvement can be difficult to see […]