Mariem Touati

psychologue clinicienne et psychothérapeute de l’enfant et de l’adolescent, spécialiste en Remédiation Cognitive et en Thérapie Familiale et de Couple

Dr. Naziha Gouider

Naziha Gouider is a highly experienced neurologist with an impressive track record in the field. She has served as a former professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis, where she has shared her knowledge and expertise with countless students. In addition to her teaching career, Naziha has also held the position of former Chief […]

Dr. Hichem Charfi

Mohamed Gharbi is a doctor who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, specializing in different fields of surgery, including hand surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, laser burn surgery, as well as reconstructive, plastic, and aesthetic surgery. He also served as a former university hospital assistant.

Emira Zangar

Emira Zangar is a qualified neurologist who earned her degree from the Faculty of Medicine in Tunis. She has furthered her education by completing a DFMS in Neurology from the University of Paris 12, which has equipped her with advanced knowledge and skills in the field. In addition to her academic achievements, Emira is also […]

Marwa Zallel

Marwa Zallel is a specialist in voice rehabilitation and provides expert care to individuals who may have difficulty with speech and communication. She is experienced in working with patients who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and can provide assistance with language and speech disorders. Additionally, Marwa has expertise in treating individuals with articulation difficulties […]

Dhouha Rouahi

Psychologue, spécialisée dans les troubles du spectre autistique

Ines Ben Slima

Diplôme en psychologie Thérapie Familiale Formation en psychodrame Formation en musicothérapie Formation en sophrologie